Family Shadows - BSFF 2017 Official Selection


Laura Malatos

Laura Malatos is a filmmaker from Seattle, Washington. She's established herself mainly as a writer/directed, but has additional experience in editing and cinematography. Her work captures the vulnerability of human emotion, often alluding to the beauty that comes from pain. Her films have been awarded and recognized on a national and international level, with her recent film, "Dear", taking home the award for "Best Student Short" at the Celluloid Bainbridge Festival, following an earlier win at the Calgary International Festival.

As a boy grows into a man, he watches his father lose his memory. 

Every Friday night at 7 o’clock, Carter walks into the forest, and every single time, his father follows him. While wandering through the shadows, they discover what it means to be family.

The film's director was 17 at the time of filming and 18 at the time of completion.

Family Shadows - BSFF 2017 Official Selection