Spotlight - BSFF 2017 Official Selection

Otalia Causse

I was born in a little middle aged city called Senlis, close to Paris. 
I've always been passionated by cinema, animation movies and drawing. 
That's why I decided to specialized myself by going to an art college (Lycée maximilien-Vox) in Paris. 
It's been a wonderfull experience wich allowed me to go to the Louvre Museum every Wednesday night, to draw during the nocturnal opening. 
After I graduated, I decided to make my dream come true by attempting to the Supinfocom entry exam, and it worked ! 

On stage, a pianist and a violinist interpret the Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns. 
In the heights of the theater, the lighting guy is languishing behind a giant console which only activates two buttons. 
He decided to speak through an unexpected light show.