About BSFF

Inclusive. Interactive. International.

The launch pad for first-time and aspiring filmmakers. Step up and share your stories with the world.

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An Inclusive Festival

BSFF was conceived with a simple goal in mind: to help first-time and aspiring filmmakers share their stories with the world. A non-profit organisation focused on inspiring and supporting novice filmmakers, students and recent graduates, BSFF is currently the only student film festival in Berlin with an international audience.  

In line with its theme of “inclusion”, the festival focuses on inclusive films that incite open conversations and exchange of ideas. For while we appreciate films that entertain, it’s the narratives that provoke thought and cultivate enlightened ideas that will go on to shape our culture and history.  

BSFF is committed towards creating opportunities and raising resources to pave an inclusive future for budding filmmakers worldwide. We look forward to being a part of your creative journey and giving your stories the international exposure they deserve.   

A kulturspace Production

BSFF is one of a series of cultural initiatives that embody the values defining kulturspace. More than just a creative branding consultancy, kulturspace is a way of thinking. A culture of innovating through creative collaborations with talented designers, storytellers, branding mavericks and digital experts from around the world. We create experiences that resonate and empower.