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BSFF 2017 Festival

BSFF showcases the filmmaking of students around the world while presenting an international forum for their voice. Emerging filmmakers can be recognised for their work while developing their professional network beyond their own campus. 

Join us for a filmtastic evening of select student films. 

Documentary & Animation Screening and Talk

BSFF showcases the filmmaking of students around the world while presenting an international forum for their voice. 

June 29, 2017 - 19:45 @ Kino Central
Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin

Documentary & Animation Screening Talk

Pleasure — What does it look like today? Is sex the pinnacle of pleasure? How do we ride the pendulum of disposable pleasure and meaningful pursuits. Leslie Bedolla, in her documentary series travels the world over to find out. How did she develop and conceive such a project? In this disarming talk she is joined by Justin Tzedek Merino, Co Founder of Berlin Student Film Festival for an intimate conversation on all things pleasure.

Currently in production ‘The Pleasure Experience” a travel documentary series discovers the rich experiences of pleasure and travel brought to life in a sharp series of 20 minute episodes. A series of stand alone video essays that focus on the subject of pleasure. Where it comes from and what it looks like today.
Join us on the 29th of June @ Kino Central Berlin! Tickets at




Adam by Evelyn Ross In the beginning of them She created us.
Spotlight by Otalia Causse On stage, a pianist and a violinist interpret the Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns.In the heights of the theater, the lighting guy is languishing behind a giant console which only activates two buttons.He decided to speak through an unexpected light show.
Stretch by Çağıl Harmandar Strange morning rituals.
Pious by Jade Wu In ancient China, an old warrior monk found himself trapped in a task that is against his faith.
Tracing coyotes - a dog crosses my way by eeva oja We're looking through abstractions, textures, language and gestures to find ways to connect with animals, just to find dare interpretation. "Tracing coyotes, a dog crosses my way" is an attempt to resize the space between dogs and humans.
The Beard by Sofya Badalova My diploma film is about a man who loved and adored his beard and lived with her in perfect harmony, until suddenly he meets a woman. The man turns his attention to the woman, thereby causing a love triangle.The Beard jealous man, and in every way prevents him and the girl closer.
Below 0° by Itai Hagage A meteorologist who narrates his experience in the Arctic through a voice recording; And how his life is linked physically and spiritually to nature.
The Three Tales from Alexandria by Natasza Cetner Long time ago the world of nature was perceived as full of magic and mystical creatures. The film tells the old times stories taken from anonymous writer from Alexandria. In time the stories were swollen by developing Christian culture and some of their dark magical aspects got lost. Visually inspired by Grimms' Fairy Tales and the illustration style of children's books. It reminds us about the dangerous and mysterious side of nature.
What I'm Not? by Stefka Benisheva What I’m Not is a machine. It manufactures people, objects, situations that fail to exit. What I’m Not suggests reality that looks like reality but it is not.
Munitionnettes by Lara Cochetel After receiving an official letter announcing the death of their husbands on the battlefield, the women workers of a bomb factory decide to make their own kind of revolution.
Eclipse by Jerrold Chong A son revisits a long-estranged father, on the day of an impending solar eclipse. An event of cosmic significance coincides with an emotional revelation for father and son.
Lidi Mama Tells Tales by Marianna Vas I remember my grandmother’s stories, who was a nurse at the mental ward of a small town hospital in Hungary. Stories about mentally ill women, who had lost contact with reality and live their lives locked up. And yet, the delusions of these women broaden the blunt everyday village life, and transform it into something enchanting. I would like to listen to these well-known stories over and over again, but as time passes, this becomes impossible.
Mx.Enigma by Je'Jae Cleopatra Daniels The intersectionality of Jay’s life in an Orthodox community and their gender identity, and how one suppresses the other.
Necessity Has No law by Ahmed Hamed Day in the life of one of the brick factories and numerous positions between child workers begin his life in this profession and between an old man end his life in the same profession
AT NIGHT , At night ' is dedicated to two graffiti artists and their wanderings after sunset. But what motivates them to leave their bed in the middle of the night. Spending hours moveless in the bushes, to create murals on walls - between vandalism and art - always on the run from the police.
Ceremonies for Pets by Nottapon Boonprakob Lucy Morganstern, a violinist conducts memorial ceremonies where survivors of deceased pets can share love, grief and memories.


9-Month BSFF Extravaganza 

And because good things are best appreciated in small doses, we are organizing a 9-month film extravaganza from March to November 2017. Every other month will feature a screening of carefully curated films focused on a specific film two categories, interactions with student filmmakers and members of the jury, followed by the announcement of the category winner. 

This will generate maximum exposure for the filmmakers and their films, besides creating year-long visibility of the festival in the build up to the open call for BSFF 2018 which begins on 1 Nov 2017.

Film categories as follows:
Children's Film
Genre Film
Music Video
Scenography & Set Design

Let’s Talk Films!

The BSFF 2017 season will include a series of workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities to inspire and encourage ongoing dialogue and ideas about films. We hope to provide BSFF sponsors, media companies, artists and filmmakers with positive avenues to interact with film aficionados and aspiring filmmakers, paving the way for the next generation of filmmakers to take the stage.

Stay tuned for more.